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Home Security

Home security should be the last thing you have to worry about your home should be your haven where you feel comfortable and secure. Combining technology, reliability and ease of operation, Gator Technology Integration specializes in home security systems, residential alarm systems and closed circuit surveillance systems.

We know it is important to choose the right security company for your home security alarm. That is why we here at Gator Technology Integration we pride ourselves in providing great security alarm service along with fantastic pricing on all of our home security systems. We are a well established security company with the knowlege and know how to provide you with the very best to match your unique security system needs.

Why should you have a security alarm system?

Did you know you are 3 to 4 times less likely to be burglarized by having a home security system installed? Every 15 seconds another home is burglarized. Don't let yours be next. A security system is a proven deterrent to intruders. Even if the alarm system does not keep a burglar from breaking in, it may cause the burglar to stay a shorter amount of time.

What should a security alarm system include?

Most systems rely on a combination of contacts placed at doors, windows, and motion sensors should not be used as the primary means of detection because they do not detect someone until they are already in the house. With contact sensors and glass break sensors, you are alerted right from the point of entry.

Protect your family and property with a custom designed alarm system...

Complete burglar alarm systems including:

• Control Panel: This is where the system
 wiring terminates, the backup battery is
 located and where it is connected to the
 phone lines if it is a monitored system
• Keypad: This is where the system is armed
 and disarmed
• Siren
• Inside motion detector: These sense
 changes in a room caused by human
 presence. special motion detectors are
 available for people who have pets
• Door and window contacts: This sounds the alarm when the door or window
 is opened (and the system is on)
• State of the art smoke and fire alarms
• Closed circuit TV systems to allow monitoring and or recording inside or outside
 a home
• Glass break detectors
• Panic buttons
• Pressure mats for rugs
• Alarm screens for windows
• A central monitoring station (company): If the system is monitored, and the alarm
 is set off, the control panel sends a message to our central monitoring station
 which is manned 24 hours a day. After attempting to contact the homeowner,
 the central monitoring station will contact the police, fire department or medics

An integrated security system controller and accessories provide comprehensive home security functions for added peace of mind. We even offer video surveillance capabilities over the internet so you can get a visual check of your home via office PC, PDA, or web enabled smart phone. Recieve emails or text messages to inform you of what is happening at home.

Let us make your home or business more secure by providing you with the peace of mind helping protect your home and family.