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Distributed (whole house) Audio (music) Systems

Imagine listening to your favorite music anywhere in your home while all of your equipment is neatly tucked away in a closet or media center. Imagine the money you'll save without the need to install additional high quality components in each listening area. This is all possible with a whole home audio system from Gator Technology Integration. Gator Technology Integration can design a whole home audio system to meet your specific needs and budget.

The most basic system consists of speakers and a volume control in the locations you choose. This will allow you to play music through out your home at levels appropriate for each area. It can be quite background music in the dining room to enhance your meals while allowing conversation with your guests. At the same time there can be music by the pool while the rest of your family enjoys a swim.

A more advanced system might start with a receiver with the capability to play music in one or two other zones in the home. The other zones will have speakers for the sound and possibly a separate remote to control the receiver's other zones.

An advanced system from manufactures such as Elan, Nuvo, or Crestron can provide the ultimate in whole house audio/video system. Imagine being able to listen to your music in the den while your kids listen to theirs in their own room. Perhaps light rock on the patio for your guests, modern music in the game room, and relaxing jazz in the dining room might fit an evening of entertainment. Imagine doing this with nothing more than a keypad or touch screen at each location, while all of the components are in the media center.

Let us show you how easy and affordable it can be.