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Pro Audio

From churches to night clubs, Gator Technology Integration has all your pro audio needs.
With a combined total of over 100 years in the pro audio field, Gator Technology Integration
experts can get your organization on the right track!

Allen and Heath

From Ronnie Scott's to the Sydney Opera House, ALLEN&HEATH has been providing mixers to the pro audio fraternity all over the world for the past 35 years. ALLEN&HEATH has a solution for any audio installation, of whatever size or complexity. From a smoky Saturday night jazz gig to a serene Sunday morning church service, ALLEN&HEATH is there - passionate about live sound - any live sound.

• Market leading status
• Enhanced quality
• User convenience, and the
 mixer is presented in a stylish
 new package
• All the controls you expect and
 more are logically placed so
 that you stay in control under
 the pressure of any
• Ensure you get the best out of
 your system
• Every product has its own
 unique feature-set to help you craft your performance.

No matter what your musical style, from whatever sound source, you know that you will always be able to perform to your true potential with ALLEN&HEATH.

JBL Synthesis

You'll feel like a Hollywood movie star, a famous director, or a Grammy Award-winning recording artist when you own a JBL Synthesis® Digital Home Theater System. Each JBL Synthesis home theater system is fine-tuned to the room, ensuring the absolute finest sound quality. Make your home your favorite venue with JBL.


Seeking perfection in sound reproduction? Create the most realistic and inspiring system JBL Synthesis has ever designed. Hearing is believing.


One of the most refined and spectacular speakers ever. Surround sound all around you without distortion, making it by far the highest-power, highest-performance, highest-quality system around.


Synthesis electronic components employ the most advanced signal processors, equalizers and amplifiers to create the most realistic listening experience possible – in rooms of any size. Intelligent THX®-certified surround sound processors automatically configure themselves to optimize the impact of any CD, DVD or satellite signal. JBL's patented Logic 7® matrixing system uses proprietary digital algorithms to improve the accuracy and timing of the signals arriving at center channel and surround sound speakers, creating a larger, more nearly perfect 360-degree soundscape. SDEC digital equalization, tuned on site by an audio expert, precisely calibrates your system's frequency response for the acoustical realities of your listening area. And high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifiers ensure faithful reproduction of both explosive special effects and ethereal musical interludes.


Many of today's most popular films rely on hyperrealistic, multilayered soundtracks – often spiked with unexpected bursts of over-the- top sound – for much of their emotional energy. Reproducing the full experience at home places enormous demands on system electronics. JBL Synthesis systems are powerful, of course, but they're also products of an overall design philosophy that emphasizes power handling. So go ahead, turn up the volume. Synthesis is built to handle it and is eager to do so.


The human ear is capable of hearing sound in the range of 20Hz to 20kHz. But, of course, real-world sounds come in all frequencies, and reproducing them realistically requires systems with a far wider bandwidth. JBL Synthesis features amplifiers that operate in the ultrawide range of 10Hz to 100kHz. Bringing a new level of accuracy to both the lowest lows and the highest highs - at any listening level - Synthesis ensures that every nuance of the recorded sound reaches your ears.

Projection Design

Projection Design is a worldwide leader in providing flexible, customer oriented solutions with DLP technology projectors. They develop and custom manufacture projectors for various markets, including professional simulation and visualization, medical imaging, post production and other graphically challenging applications. Additionally, they manufacture a range of projectors for domestic home cinema, business presentations, and eCinema applications.


High resolution. High brightness. High reliability. High performance.Projectors made for visualization, simulation, medical imaging and public displays, and similar graphically challenging applications. Ruggedized magnesium bodies, unique single board video processing, monocoque chassis and failsafe dual lamp systems ensure reliability.


Stylish. Bright. Reliable. Silent. projectors made for dedicated meeting rooms, and high profile presentations. Stylish, bright, reliable and silent, our business projectors are made to go everywhere, and enhance your image where ever you take it. The Evo series takes design of a meeting room to the next level - and continues to shine whether you update it's surroundings. As loved for it's design - winner of the Award for design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council - as it is by the management for it's low operating costs and high reliability.


HDTV resolution. Unmatched dynamics. Faroudja video processing. Award winning design. DLP™ technology. projection design home cinema projectors are the result of passion and enthusiasm. Built to please ourselves, as well as discerning film and video enthusiasts, the Action! series of projectors is the natural choice for those looking for realistic, dynamic home cinema projection.Unmatched dynamic images and contrast, due to our proprietary optical design, unique single board video processing using only the finest components, as well as award winning designs, make the Action! range winners in any dedicated home cinema setting, from the smallest to the largest silver screens. Perfect for DVD-movies, satellite- and cable television, HDTV broadcasts and gaming from any console or PC, the Action! series of projectors will provide countless of hours of entertainment in your own home.


Discover the benefits of using digital audio technology in performance settings.

The RSS Digital Snake is a 40-channel digital audio transmission system featuring high quality remote controllable microphone preamps, configurable inputs and outputs, and immunity to RF and electrical interference resulting in superior system performance. The remote control unit allows users to easily adjust input gain from -65 to +10 dBu.
The remote control unit also features "scene" recall of preamp settings including level and phantom power status. Additionally Mac/PC software will be available soon as a free download for system configuration, scene recall, and visual monitoring. Using a standard CAT 5e cable, one person can easily manage several hundred feet of multi-channel audio cabling allowing for very portable P.A. applications as well as much lower installation costs. The system offers built-in cable redundancy, automatically switching to the backup cable should the main cable be compromised. The system inputs can be "split" using approved Ethernet fast switching hubs providing for multiple "transformerless" audio feeds to monitor consoles, recording devices, and broadcast facilities.

• 40 channels of 24bit 96 kHz audio over one Cat5e cable
• Signal from stage unit can be split using standard, inexpensive Ethernet hardware
• Redundant Cat5e port for main audio cable redundancy
• Remote control for the smooth, zipper-free control of preamp gain, individual
 phantom power, and -20db pad
• Preset memories of preamp settings for fast setup and stage changes
• Free Mac/PC software for additional control via RS-232C
• Very low latency of digital transfer (375 microseconds)