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Power (Energy) Management and Lighting

Gator Technology Integration can design build and install power control
and management systems to maximize your energy dollar. Gator Technology Integration is
a fully licensed electrical contractor and can handle all your electrical needs.

We specialize in lighting solutions for all home and commercial needs, including:

• Ambient lighting
• Overall lighting
• Task lighting
• Decorative lighting • Accent lighting
• Security lighting

Let GTI set up your low and or high voltage lighting systems in your home, business, or garden along with advanced control systems for convenience and efficiency.

We can put your entire home's electrical landscape at your fingertips, either manually or automatically:

• Press your movie button and have all your lights fade to the perfect levels instantly
• Ready for bed? With the push of a button, selected lights will go off or have them
• Have the front door and driveway lights turn on automatically at dusk
• Have all lights turned on in the house in the event of a security alarm or fire

We offer a wide selection of motion sensors that use passive infrared, ultrasonic or a combined multi sensing technology, as well as occupancy sensors providing automatic on/off switching of lighting loads for enhanced convenience, security and long term savings.

Facts on Low Voltage lighting:

• Low voltage lighting uses less than 30 volts of electricity by having a transformer
 bring the power level down from the usual 110 volts of most electrical outlets.
• Low voltage lighting is versatile, dimmable, energy efficient and offers pinpoint
 beam control - thanks to the wide variety of beam spreads available.
• The bulbs are small, which allows use of smaller compact light sources.