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About Us

We offer services that include advice, consulting and design. We offer you choices of different levels of performance and cost. Even years after completion, we will continue to provide service, upgrades and additions in a timely and professional manner. Customer service is our top priority. We provide the personal attention and friendly service you deserve. When working with us you will find that we truly care about your goals.

Of course customer service isn't just about being polite, it is also providing solutions at a competitive price and being able to help you select the best product for a specific situation. We employ professionals with decades experience and knowledge, and we provide the ongoing training to maintain our expertise.

We do what it takes to be the best.

Gator Technology Benefits:

•  Decades of combined experience
•  High performance and value
•  Highest quality brands
•  State of the art features
•  Cutting edge technology
•  Factory trained, knowledgeable and professional staff
•  Authorized dealer
•  After sale service and support