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Home Communication

Home Communication has completely transformed the workplace, saving you time and energy.
Now it is doing the same for the home.

Home Communication helps you make the most of your home, letting you enjoy lifestyle enhancements, endless possibilities, security, luxury and convenience. In today's rapidly evolving technology age, one can easily be left behind. With a structured wire system in your home, you will be able to easily adapt new technologies as they come out, as well as take advantage of all the possibilities that the market has to offer right now. Many homebuilders are touting it as a way to digitally enable and future proof your home to efficiently distribute a variety of data signals throughout your home. Intelligent structured wire systems provide seamless integrated control of security, cable and satellite TV, audio, the internet, telephone, lighting and Home Automation, and more.

Category 5e and 6 (or CAT5e and CAT6) structured wiring is the new standard for high bandwidth communications wiring within homes. With these wires in place, devices can be distributed throughout the house according to the needs and budget of the homeowner. Having structured wiring opens the door to endless communication possibility.

Structured Wiring Features:

• Seamlessly link computers and devices
• Share your files between all computers in the house in a faster and more
 convenient way then the use of CD's or USB thumb drives.
• Share devices such as computer printers, scanners CD burners, and fax machines
• Hook multiple computers up to one internet connection
• Play games from multiple computers at maximum performance, eliminating previous
 configuration barriers
• Gain the flexibility to set up and easily move your home office to anywhere in your

Some of the benefits of structured wiring include:

• When a wire goes bad it is very easy to locate the problem source
• Changes to the network can be made in seconds
• The addition of equipment to your home network can be made quickly and easily.
• Enhanced Home Entertainment and Security
• Now every room can be an extension of your entertainment and or security center

Structured wiring will allow you to:

• Distribute CATV, satellite, and digital off air and high definition programming
 throughout your home without loss of signal quality-simply by connecting a
 television set.
• View your video surveillance camera on any TV or pc with live video overlay.
• Play a DVD in one room and watch it on any other TV in your house
• Listen to your stereo in any room of your house
• Video conferencing

Telephone, intercom and entry door communication

Intercom systems bring advanced innovative technology direct to your home or business. These units are not only convenient to use but also designed to provide an additional measure of security. Keep in touch around your home and communicate with visitors at the door with a complete state of the art integrated phone/intercom system. With a structured wire system, you can:

• Have over a dozen different phone lines
• Answer your door from your phone, paging systems and telephone accessories
• From almost anywhere, you can communicate hands free, monitor multiple stations
 simultaneously, or shut everyone out via the mute feature; with an audio interrupt
 module, the unit overrides the music playing on the speakers throughout the home
 when the intercom or paging is activated.
• With caller ID and a home automation controller you can even screen your calls for
 only those you wish to cause your phone to ring.
• Voice control software turns every phone in your home into a remote controller.