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Custom Info

The Gator Technology Information Process

The custom design process that we have developed and perfected with decades of combined experience
ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the performance, price, delivery and execution of our services and products.

First: We establish a relationship with you. We listen carefully to your requirements, expectations and constraints (budget, time lines, etc..)

Second: We create a design and project proposal.

Third: We present the proposal for review and discussion.

Fourth: We make changes and modifications, if desired, and establish a preliminary time line.

Fifth: We collect the blue prints (Auto Cad drawings are preferred) and based upon the system level design, provide a detailed pre-wiring plan and component placement plan and detailed design of each subsystem and present a complete plan to you.

Pre Wiring

In this phase our installers wire the site with high quality cabling. We test and document all of the locations and make sure that everything is accomplished to the specifications of the agreed upon design. Walk thru with you or your builder for exact placement of outlets, controls, speakers, volume controls, etc.

Equipment Order

Equipment and supplies are ordered 30 days prior to delivery date to prepare for start of pre-wire. Items that need to be installed at trim out (speakers, volume controls, outlets etc.) are ordered 30 days prior to installation.

Trim Out

We install any items which are built-in to the structure (speakers, light switches, keypads etc). We coordinate with the general contractor, painter, interior designer and any others that are necessary to ensure that everything is done professionally and in accordance to schedule.

In Home Installation

In this phase, we install the electronics into the structure. This requires that all dusty work be finished to protect the electronics. Our installers are very sensitive to being clean and respectful of the physical space and of the personal privacy of our clients. Once delivery, installation & set-up is complete, the equipment is configured, programmed and calibrated, including: Custom remote control programming and verification of all functions.

Training and Ongoing Support

The final step is to train you on the system. We make sure to review every aspect of the system. During this phase, we will also discuss how the software aspects of the systems can be further modified to meet any new needs.